Winnie (right) & Nadette(left)

                                                     Winnie (right) & Nadette(left)

Dear dream achievers,

I would like to share with you some things that have happened in my life recently. After launching the first Udemy course, I had the opportunity to work for a non-profit organization as a social media specialist. The organization is dedicated to taking care of people with special needs, such as down syndrome and autism. I really enjoyed my work because it made my life feel more fulfilling.

Although I spent 9 hours at work and another 2 hours on driving every day, I still kept myself focused on my self-development, including playing guitar, painting, language study, and reading. I admit that it was hard to find balance between personal goals and my job. However, I believe it is not impossible. If you're in the same boat as me, having little time to learn new skills, please don't stress yourself out. You are not alone.

My advice to you is to take one step every week instead of every day. Here is an article I wrote: Do More of What Makes You Happy. After reading the article, you may have a better understanding of why slowing down can actually help you get closer to your goals.


Nadette Huang