With passion, anything is possible. This is what I learnt from Andy Allen, the winner of the fourth season of MasterChef, an Australian cooking show. What impressed me was that Andy was an electrician before winning MasterChef. 

His humble beginning moves me a lot and reminds me of what my sister Winnie is working on. Her goal is to become a barista. However, starting from ground zero at age 30 seems really hard. Instead of worrying about how long will it take to go from zero to hero, she stays focused on moving towards to her goal. Moreover, not only does Winnie plan to purchase books written by coffee masters, but also undergo coffee training on weekends. 

In order to show Winnie my support, I made her a chalkboard drawing this afternoon. I drew Andy holding carrots and saying " Go, Winnie!" I'm proud of my sister's determination and every action she takes. I believe Winnie will develop skills and knowledge in making coffee and successfully become a barista one day!