One of amazing things about being a teacher is that you can be inspired by your students while you are inspiring them. This news story reminds me of some great achievements that my friends Mrs. Chadgar and William Doran have done for the next generation.


Mrs. Chadgar is the principal of Arena Animation and Multimedia, Jayanagar Bangalore in India. She has been teaching for more than thirty years. She always encourages her students to pursue their dreams. Now, many of her former students have gone on to become successful animators and movie editors. Additionally, she held a charity project with her students called “No Shave November” in 2016. In order to support kids with cancer who live in poor conditions, all of Mrs. Chadgar’s male students not only saved money by refraining from buying shaving products in November, but they also collected materials, books, and toys to donate to them. I was inspired by her kindness when I saw the pictures of her students visiting the cancer patients.

William Doran is a great musician as well as piano teacher. He has more than 30 students, ranging in age from five to middle aged. Some of them have special needs and their parents must come with them to lessons. Based on my experience with the arts, music can not only help people with intellectual disabilities build self-confidence, but it can also have other positive impacts on their lives. I’ve seen many people with Down syndrome and autism become successful stage actors.

Thanks to Mrs. Chadgar and William Doran for your influences and inspirations. I've learned a lot from you two. Thank you to all the teachers of the world for your efforts to make the world a better place!