Friendship is a priceless gift. Having many good friends in my life makes me feel blessed. Sharon Yu is one of those being supportive to me. 6 years ago, Sharon and I first met in a camping trip in Australia. We spent 3 days in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to experience aboriginal culture with people from different countries, such as England, Poland, France as well as America. All of members were excited about the trip and got to know one other on the first day, except me.

My English wasn’t good enough to communicate at the time. I wasn’t even sure if I could fit in. The reason I came here was for Ayers Rock only. On the first day of camping, I was very nervous and tried to pretend everything was fine until a girl came to me. “Hi, where are you from?” said Sharon, a girl from Melbourne, who joined the trip with her friend. She was the first person talked to met. After she knew it was my first time traveling in Australia, she took care of me a lot. Having Sharon’ accompany made me less nervous.

“ The more I feel relax, the more I can enjoy the trip.” I told myself that the best way to learn about multiple cultures and languages was to let go of the fear of making mistake in English. With this mindset, I regarded this journey as an opportunity for me to practice language skills as well as social skills. On the second day, I plucked up the courage to talk with new friends, even though I was still shy and my face looked red. At the last day of trip, I exchanged contact information with many new friends. I was like a totally different person and looked more confident because I no longer had fear of making mistakes.

Furthermore, Sharon and I have become good friends. We have been keeping in touch since the first day we met. She sends me Christmas card every year from Australia to Taiwan, which means a lot to me. Her card always bring me back to those beautiful memories, such as we drank wine and had cheese while enjoying the sunset at Ayers Rock, the night we counted stars in our sleeping bags after having campfire BBQ, as well as how I triumphed over my fears — speaking English. Any word cannot express my feelings. Thanks to Sharon Yu for all the wonderful moments you created!