Winnie and I love learning, we get excited every time we discover something interesting or when we feel we have personally reached the next level after many hours of practice. Learning makes us happy because we like seeing the progress we make and knowing we’re better at something than we were the day before. Also, we believe the happier you are, the more productive you will be at everything.


Take one step every week instead of every day

Take cooking as an example. I enjoy cooking because I think it’s a good way to stay healthy. Also, it makes me feel relaxed and happy, particularly when I cook for family and friends. I want to improve my cooking skills during my free time, at least by trying new recipes. But I’m also interested in other things such as learning new languages and reading. However, I also need to take care of other things in my day-to-day life. Therefore, I have decided to slow down a bit with my goal to improve my cooking ability. I have opted recently to just take one major step every week and enjoy the process of making slow but steady progress so I won’t feel too stressed out. Instead, I can be more relaxed and more creative while cooking. At the same time, I can still feel accomplished in knowing my cooking skills are steadily improving.


Try to experience the same old thing in a new way

Although I go to a local market frequently, the last time I cooked chicken soup I knew it would be different from what I was used to. I wanted to try a different recipe that included a new ingredient — traditional Chinese medicine. It turned out okay even though it was a new recipe for me. I felt more excited about cooking chicken soup the next time and I already have a lot of ideas about what I will do differently. In other words, if you would like to do something new and approach things with a fresh set of eyes and a completely new and rejuvenated point of view but that isn’t a realistic option given your personal circumstances, try to make some small changes in your daily routine or do something in a new way. And then be proud of yourself when you’ve made small accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to slow down. One step forward in a week is still a step forward.