Change your attitude when you can’t change the situation. Being in dire straits could be seen as an opportunity to renew your life. This is what I learned recently from a girl named Susan and her mother. Nevertheless, you will have a new perspective on your life after reading their story.

Susan is an outstanding belly dancer and has won many dancing awards. She is like a dancing butterfly in the forest, swishing skirt and swaying along with the music. Not only is she good at dancing, but also familiar with percussion. A few months ago, her performance in a musical theatre impressed the audience, especially when they knew Susan has intellectual disabilities.

“As a mother, I will certainly take good care of my child no matter what condition she has.” said Susan’s mother, who works as a cleaner. Susan was born with Down syndrome. Her father died when she was only 10 years old. In order to reach to social support, such as early intervention, they moved from the countryside to downtown. As a single parent with low income, it was a seemingly impossible task, but she was confident that she could ultimately triumph over the adversities she was facing.


Neither Susan’s mother nor Susan herself give up. Despite growing up in poverty, Susan does not look down on herself. Furthermore, she regards her disabilities as a force that drive her forward. Susan has a busy schedule, working in a restaurant during the daytime and practicing dancing and percussion at night. She puts serious efforts into skill development. I admire her discipline and optimistic personality. Life may seem stressful sometimes; however, you have the alternative of shaping your perspectives, instead of remaining depressed. After all, change your thoughts and you can change your world.


Watch Susan's amazing dancing video.