Dream Achieving: Design Your Life With Your Ideas


What’s this course about?

"Dream Achieving: Design Your Life With Your Ideas" is a popular personal development course offered on Udemy. Created by Winnie and Nadette Huang, the purpose of the course is to help students discover their talent, develop personal skills and analyze strengths by creating their own goal setting template and action plan. You will learn step by step how to efficiently work towards your goals and turn your passion into your profession.   


In this course you will learn how to:

● Set a goal & identify your priorities and purpose.
● Analyze your strengths and personal resources.
● Develop action items using Mind Mapping.
● Make a specific plan with a deadline and budget.
● Reclaim your time.
● Turn your passion into your profession.

Dream Achievers Tips

Why do you need to take this course?

In recent years, the availability of online courses has enabled people to learn anytime from any country. Taking an online course can help you increase productivity, develop new skills as well as learn to make passive income with second skills. This course is designed for those who want to learn how to be more competitive, take control of their time and life as well as create their dream job by taking their abilities and making what seems impossible, possible.

If you want to make changes for yourself, reach a higher level and make your life more extraordinary, take this course and make your ideas a reality. 


Why this course is different than other goal setting course?

Limited time offer

The course was developed by Winnie & Nadette Huang based on the method they developed while pursuing their dreams. Over the last five years, they have systematically accomplished their goals and turned their passions into their professions. Students will learn from the failures that Winnie and Nadette made early on in their careers as well as see their successes and learn the method they developed and continue to use on each new creative endeavor.

To help students remain motivated and focused on their life goals, Winnie and Nadette will keep students updated with related information and articles about dream achieving via Udemy instructor announcements. Additionally, students will be the first notified about the latest course materials, learning tools and goal achieving stories. 





Does this course require any specific skills or abilities?

No previous skills are required. Students from any background are welcomed. So far, our students represent many countries and are from a range of fields and industries.


How can this course help my personal life and work?

This is a personal development course that will help people discover their talent and strengthen competitive advantage through instructor's designed templates and goal setting exercises. In the course, students will learn to create their own goal setting template and analyze their personal strengths and resources in order to efficiently reach their goals. Additionally, through organizational skill development, Mind Mapping (Lecture 9) and developing project management skills (Lecture 10) students can increase productivity at work.


What should I do if I have some questions during the course?

Students are welcome to exchange ideas as well as post questions on the course dashboard. Winnie and Nadette will respond as soon as possible. Students can also interact with one another directly by opening online-learning groups to network with others and share their progress. Together, you can make difference.


How can I enroll the course and pay for it? 

By clicking the button "Get started", you will be linked to Udemy—a global marketplace for online learning. Please pay with PayPal and follow the step by step instructions. 


I’m interested but I’m not sure if the course suits me. 

We offer 4 free lectures for you to try before you purchase the course.
In these lectures, you will find out:

● Some common mistakes that everyone can easily make while developing a plan and how to avoid them (Lecture 3).
● How to change your perspective and get a second wind (Lecture 1).
● How to stay focus and reclaim your time (Lecture 11).

Below is one free trial course. To access more trial courses please hit the button "Get Started" and choose a lecture!