Winnie and Nadette enjoy working together on various projects. Here are a handful of their awards and achievements:



Working for a non-profit organization that dedicated to taking care of people with special needs, such as Down syndrome, Autism and Cerebral palsy, is one of Nadette's valuable experience in life.

An article " How an Autistic Boy Teach Me Seeing The World With Different Perspective" she wrote based on her working experience, was published on June 14, 2017 on, one of Taiwan's largest social media platform.

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Working with a creative team of individuals, The short film “Controller” won Grand Prize and Most Creative Storyboard Award at The Kaohsiung 48 Hour Film Competition.

It was a milestone for Winnie and Nadette and encouraged them to keep dreaming bigger and continue making a difference.


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Winnie and Nadette occasionally appear on TV shows around Taiwan. The twins enjoy publically sharing about their lives and travel experiences.


The short video “The Mummy!” won at a national creative video competition in 2009. The competition was put on by one of the largest travel agencies in Taiwan.

Winners were given free tickets to Cambodia. The competition promoted creativity, a spirit of adventure and a lust for life. The director Winnie shared her filming ideas when she was being interviewed by a television journalist.


Watch the video: The Mummy!



“The Dinosaur and Me” (2008), an animated short, tells the story of a boy and his dinosaur friend as they experience love, life and world with different perspectives. The animation was mentioned in The Liberty Times (自由時報), one of Taiwan’s largest newspapers.

Watch the animation: The Dinosaur and Me