January, 2016     The Story Continues

We continue to share our experiences
around the world on Udemy!

2009-2015     Self-Challenge: Travel Around The World For Free

It's personal project about challenging our limits by exploring the world with no expenses. Winnie and Nadette applies creativity and profession skills to make it happen. Up to now, they have successfully visited 4 countries freely: U.S.A, Dubai, Hong Kong and Cambodia.  


October, 2010     Kaohsiung Film Festival Awards

Working with a creative team of very talented people,    “Controller” won Grand Prize at the Kaohsiung 48 Hour Film Competition as well as Most Creative Storyboard Award (for a Short Film..need the actual title of award to properly punctuate) .



February, 2010     First Documentary

“Et Comme ça, J'ai Grandi” (Insert Chinese / English Titles) had it’s theater premier. Inspired by our childhood memories of growing up with our grandparents in a traditional Taiwanese village in ____; after the village was scheduled for demolition to make way for new construction, we decided to capture every moment possible to share our memories, record our feelings and document the transition. The documentary was nominated for an award at the 2010 Kaohsiung 48 Hour Film Competition.

September, 2009     Micro Movie Nomination

The micro movie“Memories” captures the story of a boy and girl as they create unforgettable memories before a rainbow vanishes. The film was nominated for -------- award at —————— independent film festival.


2008     First Animated Short

The animated short film “The Dinosaur and Me” was released in 2008. It tells the story of a boy and his dinosaur; the two view life through a different lens. The film was featured in an article in The Liberty Times(自由時報), one of Taiwan’s largest newspapers.